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  • We are amazed how easy it is to run a campaign in four languages and on four sites simultaneously... An A+ service and expect us to return with more client campaigns!

    Claire Simonnet

    Senior Account Executive - iProspect

  • With 36 million users worldwide and one prezi created every second, it's crucial for us to have an easy-to use and customizable tool like Antavo to keep in touch with our fans, engage them, and showcase their best presentations.

    Hanna Kobor

    Marketing - Prezi

  • I would recommend Antavo to all my business colleagues. There are lots of companies who have problems getting more engaged customers. Antavo is a perfect choice for those who want to solve this problem.

    Deepak Tailor

    CEO & Founder -

  • Antavo makes contests and sweepstakes easy and effective; their customer service is also top-notch. It's been a pleasure working with them - and I'll be doing many more contests with Antavo in the months to come.

    John Demarchi

    CEO & Founder - Social Czar, NYC

  • The goal was to make our products more popular, and generate/engage with more customers - these are equally important for us. I’m very happy with how Antavo works and that it has helped us achieve all these things at the same time.

    Tom Foster

    Copywriter - The Entertainer

  • I am so happy! Great application! Great work you're doing there! Keep up! All this converts very well!

    Paris Mastrogiannis

    Owner - Sleephouse

  • The biggest advantage of Antavo is customization. You can express the visual identity of the brand with an affordable price and a fantastic support.

    Marcelo Sales

    Marketing manager - Orofluido Brazil

  • With Antavo’s contests we could collect our subscribers’ email addresses, so we have a strong connection with them. Also, we could generate more sales to our products.

    Linda Socher

    Marketing consultant - Vita Sciences

  • Looks great on the eye and excellent customer support service - what's not to love! I'll definitely be returning with future campaigns that I may be running and I wouldn't hesitate recommending Antavo in the future.

    Darragh Clancy

    Marketing & Sales Support Executive - Cork Independent

  • We have looked at several platforms and Antavo is such a marketer-friendly tool.

    John Ashcroft

    Founder - The Sunday Times and Croissants

  • The tool is great. The design will work with just about any campaign and it is easy to customize!

    Sarah Nadav

    Founder - BUKIT

  • I have already recommended Antavo to a few people!

    Goran Radovanovic

    Founder - MobilniShop

  • If you don't have time for custom development, then go to Antavo. It’s a complete solution.

    Wahid Rouhli

    Social Media & Community Manager - WayConcept

  • You guys rock!

    Antonio García

    Chief Developer - Lostium Project

  • Superior, pretty much round-the-clock customer support!!

    Frank Spada

    Marketing Director - Deathwaltz Media Group

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