Viral contests, sweepstakes, coupons, and giveaways

Antavo provides a software-as-a-service tool to engage and get more customers to your ecommerce store.

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The smartest tool on the market.

Contests, sweepstakes & giveaways to web, social & mobile.

Do you want to know more about your customers? To keep them forever? Our platform can help to befriend your current and future customers without being pushy. It’s fun for both you and them.

  • drive traffic to your webstore

    What makes customers visit you more often? Exclusive and fun events. We know. Smart game mechanics and social referrals help you to maximize the buzz around your webstore.

  • Paint a customer portrait

    Know your customers like your friends. Learn what they feel and want. Group them with similar people and sync them with your newsletter provider.

  • White label for ecommerce stores & retail brands

    Sure, you want to promote yourself and not us. Our platform hides itself from your customers' eyes. It's your design, our backend.

Trusted by 20,000+ eCommerce companies and social media marketers all over the world.

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Antavo It’s the Tesla of contest platforms. The fun newcomer for the sophisticated marketers.

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