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Basic Contests Expert Contests
Basic Contests


Billed annually
or $0 monthly
Expert Contests


Billed annually
or $299 monthly
Unlimited Subscribers Collect as many participants as you want with your campaigns. You can target these prospects with ads or newsletters later.
Unlimited Campaigns Launch an unlimited amount of campaigns and get unrestricted use of all apps.
Brands Add separate databases for each of your brands or clients. Multiple channels (a website, microsite and a Facebook Page) can belong to each brand. Subscribers don’t mix between brands. 1 1 1 3 5 10 unlimited
Collaborators Number of users who can access your account. Invite colleagues, clients or supervisors and give them access to different brands. 10 2 5 unlimited
Sandbox mode Live test your contest in a secure testing environment on any channel and device. You can easily share apps with colleagues, clients or supervisors.
Platform Kick-off Get help using Antavo to its full advantage with a live demo. We can discuss your needs and goals, and show you the tools to help you reach them.
Priority Support Have a personal assistant at Antavo who is always happy to answer your questions via email or over the phone.
Multilingual Run campaigns in multiple languages simultaneously. Visitors are directed to the right page based on their IP address, browser or Facebook settings.
Campaign apps
Photo Contest People can enter with a .png, .jpg, or .gif photo and encourage friends to vote. Select winners among uploaders and voters.
Instagram Contest People can enter with pasting an Instagram photo’s link, and encourage friends to vote. Get winners among uploaders and voters.
Video Contest People can enter with a Youtube or Vimeo video and encourage friends to vote.
Audio Contest People can enter with a SoundCloud or Mixcloud audio and encourage friends to vote. Get winners among uploaders and voters.
Essay Contest People can enter with a text excerpt and encourage friends to vote. Select winners among uploaders and voters.
Prezi Contest Find the best idea, speaker, designer, influencer or storyteller, and ask fans to submit a presentation to enter the contest. Select winners among entrants and voters.
Draw People can subscribe with a single click and increase their chances by sharing and inviting friends.
Quiz People can subscribe after learning about you or your product. They can increase their chances by sharing and inviting friends.
Poll People can subscribe after giving their opinion. They can increase their chances by sharing and inviting friends.
Group Offer People can claim a discount or coupon if a certain number of friends also subscribe. This cap encourages them to invite others.
Coupon People can claim a discount or coupon that they can print or redeem online. Distribute the same code, or generate unique ones.
Giveaway People can claim a free gift or product sample. Everyone receives a coupon to print or redeem online.
Landing Page People can subscribe to your email list, then share it with their friends. Create beautiful designs to encourage signups.
Viral Game Mechanics
Inbuilt Game Mechanics Set the rules about who wins, why, and how chances increase by shares and referrals. We help you by providing proven default settings.
Smart Default Copy Your contest's copy automatically reflects your game mechanics settings.
Incentivized Sharing Let subscribers increase their chances of winning by inviting friends or sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or e-mail.
Multiple Social Channels Spread your campaign everywhere. Subscribers may share and invite friends through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or e-mail.
Multilevel Winner Selection Select and notify winners from entrants, voters and subscribers. Give consolation prizes to drive sales.
Displaying Winners Announce winners and publish their entries with beautiful designs to create buzz around your contest.
Triggered Emails and Reminders Set up auto-emails for subscribers after subscription, their entry’s approval, points earned, etc. You can customize these HTML emails to upsell or to drive traffic to your site.
Facebook Like-Gate Set a landing page for non-fans with a call-to-action to become fans before they see your campaign. It’s a great way to grow your fan base.
Custom templates
Beautiful Layouts Choose from various responsive templates. All templates have a default design, but you can also give a unique look and feel to any app.
Custom Design per Devices and Channels Change the apps’ design, hide or add elements per device and channel. (E.g. simplify the mobile view, or add more details to the website view.)
Custom Entry Form Ask for subscribers’ names, e-mail addresses and anything else that helps you to get to know them better. You can add forms form previous campaigns or create new ones.
Custom Voting Form Ask for contest voters’ name, e-mail address and anything else that helps you to get to know them better. You can add forms form previous campaigns or create new ones.
Custom Social Sharing Set what’s shared on social channels. Edit the apps’ or loyalty program’s meta title and description, and upload a unique sharing image, so it will be click-worthy to the visitor.
Inbuilt Languages Run contests in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Vietnamese.
Advanced Editor Edit pre-designed templates using a more professional toolset. Change typography, position, margin, padding, border width, radius, etc.
Designer Toolbox Edit pre-designed templates using a more professional toolset. Change typography, position, margin, padding, border width and radius, etc.
Custom Style (CSS) Change the look and feel of your apps and loyalty program by overriding their default CSS code. This gives full flexibility in any color or shape.
True Multichannel
Running on Multiple Channels Run contest apps and your loyalty program simultaneously on Facebook, your website and on a standalone microsite, and collect subscribers to the same database.
Responsive Design Make your apps or loyalty program look smooth on any device they are opened from. Apps automatically adapt by resizing the design. No need to create different apps for each device.
Mobile Compatibility Share your apps or loyalty program with a smart link that automatically directs desktop users to a desktop view and mobile users to an optimized mobile view and provide seamless experience on each devices.
Facebook App Run campaigns in a Facebook app. Use a Like-Gate, sharing windows and permission requests as you wish. Apps are in line with Facebook's guidelines.
Embedded Web App Capture website visitors with campaigns on your website. Apps run in an embedded iFrame on a subpage of your website.
Standalone Microsite Dedicate an entire microsite to your campaign. It contains your app only, so visitors won’t be distracted. Customize links for larger volume campaigns.
Unique Links to Channels Have different links to each channel to drive traffic and target ads separately. All links are mobile-compatible.
Measurement & Reporting
Real-time Statistics Measure the performance of your apps live: the number of visitors, subscribers, sources, shares, key influencers, etc.
Conversion Funnel Discover any decrease in visits, subscriptions and shares that occur at each step of the process. See how your apps converts.
Bounce Analytics See where people leave your funnel, detect weak spots and optimize your pages by changing the copy or design.
Visitor Sources Identify the best sources where participants are coming from to learn about your most effective promotional channels.
Subscriber Profiles Learn everything about a subscriber: campaigns they have entered, their photo, entry form answers, email address, location, social and sharing activity, etc.
Activity Flow Picture customer actions in a chronological view. Know when they entered your contests, shared them with friends, participated in your loyalty program, etc.
Google Analytics Tracking ID Connect Google Analytics to your apps or loyalty program for detailed, up-to-date stats and learn about visitors at any given moment; their sources, time spent on the site, their devices, conversions, demographics, locations, etc.
Facebook Pixel ID Optimize your Facebook ads when promoting your apps or loyalty program. The Pixel ID precisely tracks subscriptions after ad-clicks, so you can accurately create the best-converting design and copy.
Moderation Approve contest entries before they go online and ban subscribers if their activity is not in line with your Terms and Conditions.
Sharable Reports Share with your colleagues, clients or supervisors how your campaign performs. Reports are white-label, so no Antavo branding is visible.
Audience Insights
Segmentation Group similar customers based on various conditions, then send highly targeted emails, e.g. for ladies in their 30’s with 2 kids in a chosen town.
Targeted Facebook Ads Advertise to segments of subscribers with Custom Audiences in Facebook’s ad system, or reach people similar to your subscribers with Lookalike Audiences.
Data Export Download the subscribers’ data for further analysis in CSV (Comma-separated Value) or ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) formats. With contests you can download all the entries with a single click.
Custom Subscriber Data To Newsletter Provider Personalize emails with entry form answers and other data like their gender, location or favourite color. You can automate personalization after setting up rules with your newsletter provider.
Live Newsletter Sync Push subscriber data to the right email lists automatically. They can receive targeted emails at the right time so you can convert them to paying customers.
Engagement Index See customers’ emotional attachment to your company in real-time. This ratio is calculated from referrals, shares, and interactions with your contest apps and loyalty program.
Social Activity Tracking Monitor the subscribers’ interactions with your Facebook page. Measure engagement before, during and after your campaigns.
White Label
Custom Microsite Link Dedicate a unique domain to your apps and loyalty program to make it recognizable and more professional. For example your link may be www.mycontest.com.
Unique Microsite Domain Edit the link of your apps and loyalty program on a microsite. It gives a more professional touch to your contest apps.
No Antavo Footer Remove the Antavo logo from the footer of the apps and loyalty program.
No Antavo Branding in Emails Remove the Antavo domain name and footer from the outgoing triggered emails.
No Antavo Branding in App's Link Remove the Antavo domain name from the link of apps and loyalty program.
Custom Email Sender Set your company email as the sender of triggered emails. It makes your brand recognizable and trusted.
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