Want a smooth and modern solution? We might be for you.

Our platform is for creative marketers, webstores, and retail brands.

For people who care and want to make a difference.

Viral campaigns to grow your email list

Contests, Sweepstakes, Landing pages

These promotions help to engage, grow and get to know your audience.

Beautiful apps

Well-Converting Design

Customize everything. Possibilities are endless. These award winning, beautiful and responsive templates will automatically adjust to your customers' device.

Divide and conquer

Profiling, Reporting and Segmentation

Get to know each and every subscriber.

Find leaky points.

And create groups of similar subscribers to talk to them targetedly.

Get to know subscribers based on their entry form answers and behavioural data. Identify influencers.

Know why people convert and why they leave, and identify your best traffic sources.

Want to target ladies in their 30’s with 2 kids in town? Send them emails and run ads that only they see.

Your own branding

White labeling

Our platform is able to hide itself from your customers' eyes. You can’t see Antavo in a single link.

Your design
Your wording
Your email address
Your signature

One step forward

Email Integrations

Automatically sync groups of subscribers with your email lists and send them personalised emails. Subscribers receive emails right away once they get into a custom segment.

Awesome, awesome!

Yes, it is. But there is even more in it.

Triggered emails, inbuilt languages, incentivised social sharing, Facebook Conversion Pixel and Google Analytics support, etc.

Ready to dive in?