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Samsung - Pensil Media Case Study

Pensil Media, Integrated agency
Promotion Type
Photo contest
New Facebook Page Fans
146,000 new fans
4,470 subscribers

Photo Contest

You may submit an image to enter the contest, while visitors vote for their favourite. Select winners among entrants and voters.


Have you ever tried to use memes in your marketing? It is very difficult to be funny… However, in this scenario you are organizing the event and other people submit memes, which is much better.

The full-service agency Pensil Media organized a meme contest for their client Samsung to help grow a community for the next stage of their campaign.

The result: a win-win situation. The agency managed to collect 4,470 new subscribers data for Samsung; the partner Facebook page achieved an extra 146,000 new Page Likes and there were also 4,470 new images uploaded as crowdsourced content (enough content to theoretically last for 6 years if they post twice a day).

If you are interested in reading more about this successful collaboration, then please read the full story led by the campaign manager - Andre Prodjo.

Andre Prodjo Andre Prodjo Creative Director at Pensil Media
We were looking for an online community that helps to spread the word about our client, Samsung Electronics Indonesia. We searched for a Facebook page where the client’s targeted audience could be found, and then we started to create a photo contest for achieving the main goal with a limited budget and time.

The agency

Pensil Media is a full-service agency, based in Indonesia with world-renowned clients such as Samsung, Suzuki, Unilever and AC Johnson among others. The agency uses new trends and technology for market engagement and creates online and offline promotion campaigns for their clients.

Challenge accepted meme.

Reaching young people for a low budget? Challenge accepted.

Challenges & goals

The agency’s client, Samsung Electronics Indonesia needed an online community of people that:

  • use smartphones,
  • are between the ages of 16-30,
  • might be interested in Samsung’s cheaper products as they can’t afford overpriced smartphones.

To reach such an audience, the agency partnered up with the Facebook Page Meme Comic Indonesia that already had a lot of interaction with the targeted audience (high number of Page Likes and ‘talking about this’).

In this community the targeted age-range shared and created Internet memes, so the agency decided to launch an online photo contest in the hope of reaching the most people.

This photo contest was only the beginning of a much larger campaign for Samsung.

The Facebook Page

MCI’s Facebook Fan Page where Samsung’s targeted audience is highly interactive.

Campaign mechanics

During the 26-day-long photo contest, entrants had to upload their own memes into one of 3 categories: school life, love story and parody of famous people/characters. The top 3 entrants with the most votes won mobile phones from Samsung Galaxy Youth series (Samsung Galaxy Ch@t, Samsung Galaxy Young and Samsung Galaxy Fame).

The contest’s front page

The contest held the visual elements of Samsung (its logo and its products appeared on the contest’s pages) – these increased the brand awareness.

Now let’s see the 4 most effective elements of this photo contest that managed to captivate more than 150,000 people:

#1. It was centred on a great topic that generated a viral effect

Memes are so popular nowadays, particularly as anyone can generate their own meme, so choosing this as a task for a photo contest was a wise decision. Why?

  • Relevant audience: young people love memes (4,470 entries were uploaded),
  • Viral nature: funny memes can spread easily and reach a larger audience (178,928 people visited the campaign).
  • Entering the contest is fun: not only winning a prize, but also creating a meme is a fun concept.


The contest was like-gated, which meant that those who haven’t yet liked the Page, but wanted to see the uploaded memes, had to click on the ‘Like’ button first. This brought 146,000 new fans to the page.

#2. Suitable grand prizes for the targeted audience

The grand prizes were not too expensive and they were not the latest models available from Samsung. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Youth Series came out in 2011. On the other hand, they were perfect for honouring the best entrants and creating deeper engagement with the brand.

Entries list at a photo contest.

The targeted audience was so attached to this photo contest that in total 19,846 people entered or voted.

#3. Increasing brand awareness

As the uploaded memes could be viewed only on the contest’s pages, this resulted in the visitors frequently engaging with the visual elements of Samsung. This was emphasized by:

  • A new Facebook cover photo that was similar to the contest’s header image.
  • A like-gate that showed the prizes (Samsung’s mobiles).
  • Samsung’s logo, which appeared on the footer of the pages.

Facebook post

They changed the Facebook page’s cover photo. This was simlair to the promotion’s header image. – It highlighted the contest for every visitor and encouraged him or her to take part in the contest.

#4. Paid messengers instead of ads

The agency didn’t use paid advertisement, however they did pay a few people, who possessed a large following on Facebook, to promote their contest. Advertisements were unnecessary as the memes were shared so many times by the visitors and subscribers.

Facebook post

During the contest, they shared some of the entries on the Facebook page and attached the contest’s link. This generated more traffic and attention to the contest.

Outstanding results

  • The agency expected only 1,500 entrants to the photo contest, but at the end they had 4,470 uploaded entries. This demonstrates that the concept behind the contest was incredibly effective and influential, motivating more people into entering.
  • During the 26 days, 15, 376 votes were accumulated for the memes – this supports the notion that the contest was viral and entertaining for the visitors.
  • In total 19,846 people participated in the photo contest - a very good result, according to Antavo’s statistics.
  • During the contest 178,928 people visited the campaign and 146,000 new Page Likes were gathered – this means that new faces were drawn to the contest and became engaged with Samsung.
  • The cost of one subscriber was $0.09 and the cost of one new like was $0.002 (the agency used a pro monthly plan costing $125 and the grand prizes cost in sum $300).


This Facebook photo contest is a good example of how to motivate a targeted audience with a creative task, into participating in a contest that is connected to a global brand. During the 26-day-long photo contest Pensil Media gathered data that they will use in a larger campaign for Samsung.

From this case it is possible for any business to learn cost-effective and creative tips for their own campaigns. Pensil Media successfully collected 4,470 subscribers’ data with unique email addresses and 146,000 new Facebook Page likes for their partner page, meaning that everyone benefited from this collaboration.


This is what Antavo provided for the parties who involved in this promotion.

The company used Antavo’s platform to build the promotion application instead of working with an IT development team.

Andre Prodjo Andre Prodjo Creative Director at Pensil Media
We are an agency, so there aren’t many technical people here and Antavo gave us an opportunity to create a Facebook campaign faster than others; and helped us to reach our client’s goal with its easy to handle platform and great functions. Antavo is a good tool; we recommend it to our clients as well.

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This case study is based on an interview with Andre Prodjo the Creative Director at Pensil Media.

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