Wine by the number: 1200 young couple and 45 thousand voters in a single photo contest.

Ostoros Bor – One Online Case Study

Ostoros Bor
One Online, Integrated agency
Photo contest
16,751 new fans
45,998 subscribers

Photo Contest

You may submit an image to enter the contest, while visitors vote for their favourite. Select winners among entrants and voters.


Many of you ask: what is the secret of a successful promotion: grand prize, winners’ selection or the app itself?

There is one thing – which is the most important – that most overlook immediately… the TOPIC.

The theme will not only entertain your audience, but it will also help you to define them - the aim of your promotion is to reach potential customers and turn them into real ones.

The company, which we will present in this case study wanted to reach young adults, who are more serious than university students, whose sensitivity to price fluctuation is pretty high. So they targeted recently married couples.

The One Online agency managed this campaign and they achieved 16,751 new fans on Facebook and also collected 44,791 new email addresses for Ostoros Bor a delicate winery.

Their success can be inspirational for any contest or sweepstake. If you are curious, keep reading and take a look at the details of their campaign and what Ferenc Füzér thought about the results.

Füzés Ferenc Ferenc Füzér Project manager, One Online agency
The aim of the campaign was to create a stronger brand for our customer, to raise brand awareness, and to use the collected email addresses wisely to notify customers about the latest news and products.

About the agency and the company

The One Online agency – founded in 2009 – helps small businesses’ web development, online marketing and communications.

In this case study we present the promotion they created for Ostoros - a well-known wine company from one of the most historic wine regions of Hungary: the Eger wine region.

The agency's main task was to strengthen the brand of Ostoros Bor.

This is the website of the company. The agency's main task was to strengthen the brand of Ostoros Bor.

Challenges & goals

The Agency - with the help of Ostoros Bor’s Facebook page - wanted to promote the brand, and their aim was to:

  • Raise brand awareness;
  • Make the brand recognizable among the target audience;
  • Collect new email addresses for the company;
  • Reach fans about events, newsletters and products of Ostoros Bor in the future.

To reach these goals they launched a Photo Contest, to find the “Couple of the Year”.

Front page of the promotion.

Here is a screenshot of the contest. The agency chose a really popular theme for the photo contest of Ostoros Bor, since marriage/ wedding is an interesting topic for many young couples. These young adults are the potential customers of the business.

To reach the aims that we mentioned above, they expected the following from the contest - which lasted for 74 days, almost 2 months:

  • Double the current number of fans on Facebook (2,300,
  • Get 400 uploaded pictures.

Let’s see how they managed to do it!

The Facebook page of Ostoros Bor gained 16,751 new fans with a photo contest.

The Facebook page of Ostoros Bor gained 16,751 new fans with a photo contest.

The campaign

The results outstripped the preliminary assumptions of the agency, since they not only pushed the number of Facebook fans from 2,300 to 19,051 during the photo contest, but also successfully reached 44,791 voters and in the process obtained their email addresses.

The contest was open to those who got married within the last 3 years. After uploading their wedding photos they asked their friends to vote for their picture, in order to be the “Couple of the Year” and win the grand prize: a honeymoon.

The entry with the highest number of votes won the prize.


Here you can see one of the 1,207 entries for The “Couple of the Year” photo contest. The couples uploaded their wedding photos to enter.

So how did they do this? Let’s see the campaign’s most effective components, which led to their success.

#1. Multiple prizes for subscribers

As we wrote about in our blog post, you can give away multiple prizes to reach more subscribers.

The agency wisely used this strategy. They offered the following prizes:

  • 1st prize: a 3 day wellness weekend with wine dinner;
  • 2nd and 3rd prize: 1 box of wine from Ostoros Bor;
  • A randomly selected winner from amongst all the uploaders : they gave away 3 boxes of wine from Ostoros Bor;
  • A randomly selected winner from amongst all the voters: 10 gift packages.
  • One extra prize (they announced it during the contest): for the winner of the 2nd prize they offered a one-week getaway to Greece – thanks to a travel agency who sponsored the campaign.

All of the prizes were related to the business of Ostoros Bor, so by running a promotion on their Facebook page they also became engaged with their customers, whilst at the same time promoting the brand of the wine.

The agency announced that the second winner also had a chance to win a trip to Greece.

The agency announced that the second winner also had a chance to win a trip to Greece.

It was an extremely smart idea to give away prizes amongst the voters, since this encouraged and motivated them.

#2. Great theme and well-targeted Facebook ads

The contest became incredibly viral since the topic was popular amongst young couples. The targeted audience was women and couples; the company spent approximately $65-$85 on Facebook ads to reach them.

They ran ads on different Facebook posts each for a period of 10 days and they also targeted:

  • By gender: women;
  • By relationship status: engaged, married, no data;
  • By age: 20 and above.

#3. Effective way of collecting email addresses

During a photo contest it is possible to ask voters for their email addresses as part of the required data during the Entry form. (We know from experience that a lot of people are afraid to use this method however, since they think it may scare away visitors.)

They asked for some data from the voters as well as the contestants..

They asked for some data from the voters as well as the contestants.

If the voters are motivated to activate themselves – for example due to the chance that they might also win something – then they are more likely to give you their personal data.

This is how the agency collected 45,998 email addresses. That is quite a lot, right?

#4. Reassure visitors about the credibility with FB posts

It is important whilst running a contest to communicate with the fans and stay valid, and reassure them that there is no place for cheating or fraud. (Here is a post on how to prevent cheating and fraud.) The agency found a creative way to do this.)

To begin with they posted pictures of the winners of their previous promotion. In addition, they updated the current state of the running campaign on a regular basis. They posted how many subscribers entered, and they gave a little sneak peak on the number of votes.

At the end of the contest, they published the winners on the Page.

Outstanding results

  • During the 74 day-long campaign, 283,467 Facebook users visited the contest, 45,998 of them actually subscribed creating a 16% conversion rate.
  • During the photo contest 16,751 new fans liked the Page, demonstrating the viral nature of the promotion; they successfully converted visitors into fans with the Facebook ads and shares – the subscribers also promoted the campaign.
  • 40,175 subscribers came from the shares which is really good evidence of how viral features can help promotions to succeed. This number shows that 87% of the subscribers arrived from other participants’ shared links.
  • Approximately one subscriber cost 1 cent and a new fan cost about 3 cents. (It is an estimated number, if the cost of the promotion app was $25; the average spent on Facebook ads was $85 and the prizes were $430.)


The photo contest made by One Online agency created for Ostoros Bor is an excellent example of how a simple contest can help to reach a targeted audience, raise brand awareness and effectively use collected email addresses to increase sales.

With the 2-month-long promotion they achieved 16,751 new Facebook fans, and 45,998 subscribers with individual email addresses.

The methods used above can be inspirational for any marketer who wishes to use contests for creating brand awareness and engagement.

The company used Antavo’s platform to build the promotion application instead of working with an IT development team.

Füzés Ferenc Ferenc Füzér Project manager, One Online agency
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This case study is based on the interview with Ferenc Füzér and written by Timi Garai.

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